Consulting for Landowners & Businesses

Need some help identifying plants, trees, and fungi or incorporating native botanicals into your business? We offer our knowledge and experience to breweries, chefs, farmers, foragers, herbal retailers, essential oil distillers, and others. Consult us in person, over the phone, or by email for advice, help, or for our handwritten plant monographs with a wide variety of preparation methods and recipes.

Consult our resident herbalist Sarah Lawless about edible and medicinal plants native to Pacific Northwest or Eastern Ontario and how to incorporate them into your business or products.

Consult our mushroom grower and forager Alex Marchant about edible and medicinal mushrooms and how to cultivate them.

Consult the team to come look at your land and show you what plants and trees are of value for personal or commercial use as a homesteader, farmer, forager, or for starting a non timber forest products business.

Consult us for private workshops on marketing, websites, and selling online for small businesses.


Consulting fees are priced on a sliding scale depending on the context and length of time of contract. Barter is accepted for local folks and no one is turned away for lack of funds.